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Spring 2023 Meeting


Fall 2022 Meeting


Spring 2022 Meeting


Fall 2021 Meeting


Spring 2021 Meeting


Fall 2020 Meeting


Summer 2020 CPD Week


June 2020 Virtual Professionalism Session

The ASOP Advantage: The Latest in ASB Standards-Setting: Presentation


Fall 2019 Meeting

How to Write an ASOP: Presentation

SOA Mortality and Longevity Research: Presentation

Reforming Health Care with Chronic Disease Reversal and the role of Actuaries for Sustainable Health Care: Presentation

PBR Implementation: Lessons Learned: Presentation

The Components of a Solid Risk Management Framework


Spring 2019 Meeting

Getting It Right - Know Your Fiduciary Responsibilities: Presentation

GAAP Long Duration Targeted Improvements: An Overview: Presentation

A Practical Guide to Machine Learning for Health Actuaries: Presentation

Mortality Improvement: Understanding the Past and Future Trends: Presentation